Monday, October 26, 2009

Fix Nature for the Future...

Fix Nature, our Mother Nature, for the future generation and our children's children.

A lot of people took this, and is taking this, for granted. Ignoring everything that is happening right now around the world. All I'm trying to say and express is that people don't give any importance to what is happening globally specially on the issues regarding Global Warming. It's either they don't know what Global Warming is about or they know but they don't care about it. All they think about is the economy, terrorism and personal interests.

So what is Global Warming? Have you seen the news lately? Floods, earthquakes, typhoons that's wrecking all of our lives and our homes? Do you want to experience more? It's a domino effect. It will affect our economy, our community and basically our lives.

This Blog aims to inform and advocate Nature conservancy. Hoping the world will know and understand how important it is. Let's do something about it. Be aware and take part of this advocacy.

Isn't this worth preserving?

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